A Shot of JUICE: Tackling the Challenges of Quality Assurance at the 2014 QA Summit for Digital Marketing

Few people are as passionate about quality assurance as Sara Allen, Director of Development. Listen in as she talks about her upcoming presentation at this year’s QA Summit.

FDA Draft Guidance for Social Media Platforms with Character Space Limitations

To Tweet or Not to Tweet? Robert Palmer, EVP, Managing Director—Digital & Video, explains how the new guidelines affect Pharma companies in their social media initiatives.

Alone in the Cloud: Disconnections in a Connected World

Social media—Proceed with caution! Robert Palmer, EVP Managing Director, digs deep into the potential pitfalls of social media and how it goes against how humans are hardwired.

Is There a Watson in the House? Big Data Takes a Seat in the Exam Room

Imagine a world where human and machine work side by side in the exam room, each listening to your complaints, each probing for more information, each making treatment recommendations. Welcome, Doc Watson.

Teamwork—The Key to Creating a Campaign Consumers Will Remember, by Heart

Introducing a heart and brain supplement to health-conscious consumers takes heart and smarts. Watch how JUICE, together with our terrific animation and client partners, brought creative storytelling to life for the U.S. launch of UBERA.

JUICE Bloc: Active for a Cause

JUICE’s “Active for a Cause” Bloc is in full swing with a few events already under our belts and several more coming up!

Got an Idea? Quirky Makes it Real—Fast

Get a glimpse into one of the most creative, invention companies around as Adam Kline, EVP, Creative Director at JUICE gets a behind the scenes look at what makes this unique business model thrive in the age of digital social media and community empowerment.

Hacking Your Way to an Abundance of Ideas

The multitude of wildly creative ideas along with the inherent networking opportunities are worth the effort of hosting or attending a hackathon.

Answering the Call: What Our Smartphone Behavior Can Tell Us

The way we use our mobile phones is constantly evolving. And differs dramatically across the generations. Bob Palmer discusses the brave new frontier of marketing and advertising in the mobile technology space.

JUICE Pharma Worldwide and the Digital Health Coalition present the 2014 Best of the Best Mobile Websites

Digital health industry experts share their findings on best mobile website practices for consumers and healthcare professionals. Download the 2 key reports here.

Missed This Year’s ASCO? Our Downloadable Report Captures All the Essential Highlights

This year’s annual ASCO meeting celebrated the event’s 50th birthday. Our downloadable report, written by Florian Brey, MD, Medical Director, captures the experience of attending the event, focusing on the latest practice-changing and cutting-edge science in oncology.

A Shot of JUICE: Announcing the Opening of Our San Francisco Location

At JUICE, we have a distinct philosophy and a truly unique offering. And now, feet-on-the-ground accessibility on the West Coast. Founding partner, Lynn Macrone, shares the vision for our new location in San Francisco.

Why my $5 Kickstarter pledge was a great investment

The success or failure of Kickstarter projects is dependent on how well information is presented. Looking through their site, I was reminded of 4 best practices all of us in communications should keep top-of-mind.

JUICE is in the News and Making News: See All Our 2014 Published Articles

What are the year’s biggest trends? How do you come up with the big idea? If it’s a topic that affects health and wellness, JUICE has an opinion. Read all our editorials that have appeared in leading pharma pubs and websites in 2014.

A Shot of JUICE: Exploring the Role of Decision Science at The Future of Consumer Intelligence Conference

How can we get to know our customers better? That’s what the FOCI Conference is all about—exploring innovative ways to gain a deeper understanding of people and why they do the things they do.

Chef: A Film at the Intersection of Food and Technology

Chef—Learn about the power of social media and laugh along the way!

Fall Down to Get Ahead? Failure May Be a Catalyst for Success.

Do you have a “fixed” or a “growth” mindset?  Your behavior or how you cope with criticism could serve as a clue. Find out how learning to tolerate failure can help you reach your full potential.

Apple’s New Health Platform—3 Core Considerations for Your App

Apple’s new Health Kit raises the bar on wearable technology, but will your apps have the right aptitude? Learn 3 best practices from Alec Pollak, VP, Director of User Experience and Content Marketing.

A Shot of JUICE: World Orphan Drug Congress Brings Together Passionate Advocates

As expected, this annual gathering of highly committed advocates and experts generated numerous inspiring insights and new ideas. Florian Brey, MD, Medical Director, has written a downloadable report covering all the essential takeaways. You won’t want to miss it.

3 Rock-Solid Tips for Boosting Your Creativity

In this business, it’s one of the toughest things we do—come up with the Big Idea. While there are no surefire ways to make creativity happen, a few rock-solid tips can rejuvenate our thinking.


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